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Supply Chain Management (SCM):

The success of your business greatly depends on the success of your supply chain. Digitech-Solutions helps you in creating strategic differentiation and operational superiority by configuring and implementing a SCM solution that is aligned with the elements of your competitive strategy. We at Digitech-Solutions, recognize your need for a strong supply chain management that would release entrapped value in the supply chain and facilitate collaboration between both the internal and external stakeholders of the company. We provide complete business consulting and technical integration services for SCM. Our supply chain solutions are focused on helping clients address key issues like purchasing, inbound logistics, operations, warehouse management, outbound logistics, and demand management. You will also go “live” faster and recover your investments earlier.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

CRM strategies have been around since the first bazaar, but products designed to automate CRM efforts are among today’s hottest new computer applications. Companies are rushing to automate and better manage all the ways they deal with customers, including people who might not consider themselves customers yet. In today’s business climate, marketing programs must focus on value-oriented differentiation to be successful. Increasingly, businesses are seeking to leverage the customer relationship to win and maintain customer loyalty. In addition to helping identify and retain customers with a high-profitability profile, CRM is emerging as a critical success factor in both electronic commerce and supply chain management initiatives.CRM is all about identifying, satisfying, retaining and maximizing the value of a company’s best customers.

KnowledgeNET (Document Management):

The challenge for businesses these days are to provide the right information that leads to effective knowledge: Knowledge that can be used to make better decisions. Increasingly today, organizations are looking to foster internal collaboration and knowledge sharing amongst employees, reduce information overload, capture & replicate best practices, leverage existing investments and maximize their use in a collaborative knowledge environment, exploit multiple and disparate knowledge resources. Digitech-Solutions makes this fact a reality providing its clients with the Knowledge Management Solution that integrates multiple knowledge management functions on a single platform.

Report Generation using Crystal Reports:

Crystal Reports is a Business Intelligence application used to design and generate reports from a wide range of data sources. Several other applications, such as Microsoft Visual Studio, bundle an OEM version of Crystal Reports as a general purpose reporting tool. The package consists of a designer – from where the user can design and test the reports, Crystal Reports API calls and Crystal Reports control. Crystal Reports is now a proven world standard report solution. It helps to design, manage and deliver reports via the web and embedded in enterprise applications. Access data, format it and deliver it as information inside and outside an organization using Crystal Reports. The different types of reports which can be generated include Standard Reports, Form Letter Reports, Form Reports, Cross Tab Reports, Sub Report/s, Mail Label/s, Drill Down Reports, OLAP Reports. The reports can also be designed by Charting and mapping (Create graphical reports like map and chart types, including bar/3D bar, pie/doughnut, line, gantt, gauge, XY scatter, ranged map, dot density map, and more…) We offer our expertise for Report Designing and Writing and exporting the data as RTF, Excel, Word, PDF, HTML, DHTML, Text, Separator (Tab, Comma, etc.), Editable RTF. Reports are made by fetching the data from XMLs, Databases such as, MS SQL, MS Access, Oracle, etc.