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android app developmentThe android app development in mobile market has reached its pinnacle. As a result, the demand for the professional android app development company is on the rise. With the increasing number of android devices in the market and global adoption, it is clear that no enterprises can ignore the services for android app development.
Android OS has gobbled up huge chunks of the smartphone market. Every day, this operating system is powering hundreds of millions of smartphones and tablets worldwide. The growing popularity of Android presents tremendous opportunities to businesses to widen the scope of their business by targeting millions of android users. This is where android web development becomes critical. By Android app development, you can deliver your services to countless smartphone users, increase brand recall, inspire brand royalty and generate revenue.
We have skilled and experienced android developers who are capable of delivering high quality services to clients. They fulfill the client’s demand by developing be-spoke solutions.

DigiSol offers fully customised and wide range of software development services for Android smartphones. Android provides a vast scope of possibilities to develop wide array of applications ranging from business apps to different utility apps, multimedia apps to games.

Google is another master in the field of the “http” world. Android is a Linux based operating system, primarily developed for touchscreen devices for smartphones and tablets. Because it is an open source, it can be freely modified and distributed amongst device manufacturers. Another advantage is that because of this licensing policy, smartphones with wide range of functionalities and price are available in the market – making Android a significant player in the mobile world.

Android mobile application by DigiSol offers:

  • Creative, experienced and affordable Android developers
  • Development of Android applications for smartphones, tablets
  • Fully customised applications for smartphones, tablets
  • Development of Android applications which are connected to other enterprise application/s and offer mobility advantages
  • Development of Android applications which store the data locally and sync data with cloud application on pre-defined frequency