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phonegap app developmentDigiSol offers expertise in PhoneGap App development cross platform native application which can be used on Android, iOS and Windows phones (Mobile devices) and leverage the advantage of using known technologies comprising HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create a web application.
Develop it once and use it across a platform is now a norm in the era where application development is very expensive and it is important to have an application which is supported by multiple platforms. PhoneGap App Development is recognized as one of the best platforms which supports cross platform mobile native app development. From developer’s perspective, PhoneGap App Development provides an exciting opportunity to use and build applications in the language they all know and love, i.e., HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. PhoneGap App Development is a free and an open source framework that allows to create mobile apps using standardised web APIs for several platforms.

Cross platform mobile application developers team at DigiSol offers:

  • Real time evaluation of cross platform mobile application to select one which suits more
  • Low development cost with single application deployment across tablets and mobile devices
  • User-friendly and objective cross platform mobile application development
  • Customised PhoneGap app development services bundled with rich technical and industry experience in cross platform development technology