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Java Development Expertise:

We have an extensive experience in Java applications development for a variety of vertical industries and integrate our comprehensive Java development services with specific industry requirements to help the business succeed. Our Java development services are geared towards making the process execution effective, manageable and acceptable as well as solutions flexible and compatible.

Our Java expertise covers

  • Software development of Business process automation (Logistics, CRM, CMS, B2B, B2C).
  • Navigation and GIS systems.
  • IT security.
  • Web 2.0 scalable internet systems (e-Commerce, e-Communities, e-Media).
  • Business GUI applications.
  • MultiMedia applications & Games creation.
  • Administration and maintenance of Java applications.
  • Application migration and integration.
  • Java development Technologies.

Our team of qualified Java programmers has extensive experience with different types of Java development technologies and tools which we are using for development of a variety of systems and environments.

Our Java qualification includes



  • Technologies: Applets, SWING/AWT, Networking (Sockets, Secure Connections, HTTP, FTP) security
  • Areas of expertise: Security&Encryption, Business GUI Applications, Console Applications FTP-clients and SFTP-clients, FTP- and SFTP-servers, JNI-wrappers for Win32/WinCE/Linux native libs

Multi-tier, client-server


  • Technologies: JSP/Servlets, XML/XSLT, JDBC, EJB, JNDI, JMS, JAAS
  • Frameworks: struts, tapestry, sync4J, JSF, persistence layers like JDO, castor, Hibernate, game development: Java2D
  • Areas of expertise: e-Commerce, B2B, B2C, B2F, Security, Game&Gambling, Assets Management, CRM/ERP, Logistics, Medicine&HealthCare, Pharmaceuticals, Web


  • Crossplatform: Cross-platform applications on Java for: Win32, WinCE, Linux, Mac and various handheld platforms (Symbian (Series 60), WinCE, Palm, WinCE.NET, Brew )
  • Areas of expertise: Transactions, Billing, Encryption, Security, Game&Gambling, MultiMedia

At DigiSol, our outsourcing Java development services are customized for specific business needs and always delivered with exceptional quality.