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DigiSol provides the following services:

  • Web development
  • eCommerce Solutions (eCommerce Website Design, eCommerce Web Development)
  • Offshore Software Development
  • Offshore Development
  • Web redesign and maintenance
  • Customized solutions

DigiSol’s Offshore Development Center is located at Ahmedabad, India.

8 hours a day, six days a week (Sunday being a holiday).

Contact us:
Tel.: +91.79.26870778, Fax: +91.79.26870777, Email:

Currently our team comprises of 45 IT professionals in our development centre. Our team includes experienced bright, knowledgeable and talented professionals. We have a team of highly skilled software engineers, developers, system analysts, web graphic designers, quality assurance analysts, document writers, network engineers, business development managers, management – finance – administrative staff to oversee the projects.

Our core competencies include:

  • Expertise in Microsoft .NET
  • Expertise in PHP, ASP
  • Customized solutions
  • Offshore application/web/web site development

Yes, we do support all software we design and deliver on the basis of a separate support/maintenance contracts. This generally includes bug-tracking and fixing. Feature enhancements and developments are handled as separate contracts. We track all post maintenance requests, issues, bugs, etc. in “Mantis”.

We have confidentiality agreement with each and every team member. This confidentiality is also validated on the basis of existing laws. Most importantly, our team consists of skilled professionals, who would not risk their careers or professional integrity by misusing a customer’s code.

We give you a one month of warranty after the final delivery for all bug-fixing, etc. After the warranty period, we sign a separate monthly or quarterly or yearly support/maintenance contract with you, so that you continue to get ongoing support.

Before initiating a project, DigiSol signs a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and Project Confidentiality Agreement with the client. Under this agreement, we keep the client and offshore project-related information in strict confidence. Any references or client’s outsourcing project details are not revealed without the prior approval of the client. We also sign a Non Disclosure agreement with our employees so that the confidential information of the client is not shared with any external entity.

Yes, we can provide you with our client references. We have built solid relationships with our clients and partners by helping them meet their business objectives and providing them high quality service that exceeds their expectations.

At DigiSol. we have adopted a quality framework. Quality at DigiSol is a continuous process and it permeates deep down in the corporate hierarchy starting from the top management. Quality is a culture for us. Our processes are derived from industry standard practices and have been customized to suit the requirements of offshore development.

DigiSol is flexible enough to accept your methodologies and standards that suit your project. We can work the way you want us to work and ensure that your business objectives are met.

We use a time-tested change management procedure for any changes in the project. For ongoing minor changes in the running project, the changes are entered in “Mantis” which is regularly checked by all the developers and communicated to the project manager concerned, who gets them executed. If the changes are significant and can greatly add to the work-load that has been estimated at the beginning of the project, then we scope the project again and submit the revised quote for acceptance to the client.

We have a well organized process for testing and qualification. We have a team of quality assurance specialists who provide systematic testing, verification and quality assurance. We have a process in place to ensure that quality is maintained every single time. These processes are derived from industry standard practices and have been fine-tuned to meet the unique requirements of remote development. The following points summarize our quality initiatives:

  • Testing is performed at every step in the SDLC
  • Quality is assured through our rigorous project management methodology and quality assessment procedures
  • DigiSol has a dedicated team that ensures Software Quality Assurance
  • All quality issue tracking will be done using “Mantis”

We have a bug fixing and bug tracking mechanism. In this system we prioritize the issues on the basis of priority P1, P2, P3 and P4. All urgent bug fixing issues are put in the priority P1 list and our support team addresses them immediately.

Again, it’s an interactive process.
In scenario one: if you do not have any specifications outlined we ask you to give us minimal requirement specifications. Then we start developing the formal requirements document from that. Every release of this document is reviewed by the client and we do modifications accordingly. Generally it goes on from few weeks to a couple of months (depending on size of the project). In this process the Requirement Specifications becomes the Bible for development. All changes and modifications are captured continuously in this document.
On the other hand if you already have a specification document we start with a discussion on that, refine it for some period of time; try to freeze it once all agreed.

Our greatest advantage of working with DigiSol over other offshore companies is the fact that we respond to each call or email promptly and on the very same day. Even with the time differences, the response from us is immediate and after discussions the queries, remarks, problems, etc. are prioritized and we start working on it without delay.

We follow all standard project management methodologies using all available tools (e.g., MS Project). We have a sign-off process for each delivery after the specification is firmed up.

This is a very difficult question. We spend close to 50% of the time allocated to any project on Design, Architecture, Prototyping and thorough documentation before we write a line of code. We do understand that no client can be hundred percent sure about their requirements at the start of the project. To counter this we first develop the prototype of the entire application. After the demo, get that signed off screen by screen for the entire application. Usually it has been seen that majority of gaps get filled up at this phase and the chances of missing out important functionality as well as making changes mid-project are reduced. In case of further change/s, it totally depends on the type of change/s and marked as a deviation in the ongoing project or as new project.

Yes, we can. We can send consultants for knowledge gathering, requirement specification design, solutions architecture, etc. and then set-up a dedicated team of IT professionals in our offshore development center to work on the project. This way, we can ensure that you get the dual benefits of cost-effectiveness through offshore development and effective onsite consulting through consultant deployment onsite.

We use Microsoft Visual SourceSafe for version control.

We have done and are doing fairly complicated projects (involving 10-20 team members in a project over a period of more than a year). The number of lines of code varied anywhere between few thousand lines of code to thousands of lines (however, it depends on type of code/system – .NET, Java, VB, etc.).

Our clients will own all the code, documentation, design, and conceptual ideas. We have a very strong legal process in place to assign all proprietary and ownership rights to you.

You get files continuously in the development process. After starting the project we ensure a high-level of interactivity in the development process (status meetings once a week, in some of our projects we even have international conference calls everyday). Every document, design or code generated on either side is exchanged continuously and reviewed and fine tuned very frequently (many times daily). Therefore, you keep on getting the files and other deliverables regularly.

DigiSol has worked on diverse technology platforms and build a solid backbone of technical strength, which enables us to deliver best-in-class services to our clients. DigiSol has worked extensively for its various clients in the following technology areas:

  • Web-based technologies
  • Client/Server Applications
  • Web Services
  • Application Packing Services

Code development is done using English language and all code is written using the same tools used by developers in the U.S and elsewhere. Development team members have good knowledge of English and excellent communication skills. Our Project Managers work directly with the clients and regularly communicate. Language is never a problem working with us.

Yes, we document all the codes that we develop. We have processes in place that make it compulsory for our programmers to document the codes and we also follow standard coding practices. Code documentation also helps us better maintaining the code and providing warranties during the active life of the application.

Yes, the user manuals are made and sent to you so that the front-end of the code is easily understood and the admin as well as user side documents are provided for better understanding of the flow of the application.