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.NET (ASP.NET, VB.NET) and C# Programming/DevelopmentMicrosoft .NET was launched as Microsoft’s new Internet strategy, which was originally called NGWS (Next Generation Windows Services).

  • .NET is a new Internet and Web based infrastructure
  • .NET delivers software as Web Services
  • .NET is a framework for universal services
  • .NET is a server centric computing model
  • .NET will run in any browser on any platform
  • .NET is based on the newest Web standards

.NET is built on the following Internet standards:

  • HTTP, the communication protocol between Internet Applications
  • XML, the format for exchanging data between Internet Applications
  • SOAP, the standard format for requesting Web Services
  • UDDI, the standard to search and discover Web Services

The .NET Framework contains common class libraries – like ADO.NET, ASP.NET and Windows Forms – to provide advanced standard services that can be integrated into a variety of computer systems. .NET Framework is language neutral. Currently it supports C++, C#, Visual Basic, JScript (The Microsoft version of JavaScript) and COBOL. Third-party languages – like Eiffel, Perl, Python, Smalltalk, and others – will also be available for building future .NET Framework applications.
The new Visual Studio.NET is a common development environment for the new .NET Framework. It provides a feature-rich application execution environment, simplified development and easy integration between a number of different development languages.
C# is an object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft as part of their .NET initiative. C# has a procedural, object-oriented syntax based on C++ that includes aspects of several other programming languages with a particular emphasis on simplification.


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